• Selous Game Reserve

    The Selous Game Reserve is a unique and unusual safari environment; a vast, thriving wildlife area of forests and woodlands around the lagoons, sandbanks and lakes of the Rufiji River. With its diversity of game and scenery the Selous is an area that naturally appeals to a photographic lens, as the waterways and plains reflect the changing colors of the sun.

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    Selous: Wildlife.
    The Selous wildlife is all the more interesting because it attracts both East and Southern African wildlife, both resident and migratory, and over 440 known species of birds. The waterways of the Rufiji River

    Delta attract elephant herds, and are packed full of grunting hippopotami and yawning crocodile that lumber into the water at the first sound of a boat. The banks attract large herds of plains game depending on the season, dispersing after the rains and regrouping when the water sources concentrate. To get a good idea of a safari experience in the Selous.

     Selous Safaris: Walking, Boating, & Camping.

    The conservation area allows walking and boating safaris, unlike any National Parks, and guiding standards are high. Many camps will arrange fantastic fly-camping nights in the bush, book able in advance.

    Selous: The Reserve.

    Covering almost 50,000 square km, the Selous Game Reserve is one of the largest areas set aside for wildlife preservation anywhere in the world. It accounts for 5% of the land mass of Tanzania, and yet all options for tourists are high quality, low-impact lodges that provide a high standard of accommodation.

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    Selous: Scenery

    Selous scenery is widely varied, with unusually green grasses and tangles of vegetation. The river routes are characterized by legions of tall Borassus Palms along the banks that grow up to 25m tall, and leave a tall headless totem when the water courses move to leave them high and dry. The Selous conserves a surprisingly colorful African landscape, with white lead wood trunks in stark contrast to the surrounding vibrancy of well-watered greens and a ranging palette of sandy terracotta’s.

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