• Lake Manyara

    Lake Manyara is a shallow fresh-water lake in Tanzania. Manyara is the seasonal home of roughly three million lesser and greater pink flamingos. The flamingos blanket the lake in a soft tint of dusty pink. When seeing this pink opus of flamingos and feathers from a distance it’s not hard to understand why Hemingway once called it “the loveliest lake in Africa.”

    Manyara forms part of a system of four lakes within the Great Rift Valley. The three other lakes are Lake Natron (Tanzania), Lake Bogoria (Kenya), and Lake Nakuru (Kenya). The four lakes serve as a single habitat for the entire flamingo population of East Africa. The flamingos are seasonal and so when conditions change in one of the four lakes, the birds fly to the others

    The lions in Manyara are famous for climbing trees – unique behavior for their species. You’ll need to be a little lucky to see them though, so don’t be disappointed if they elude you. The great diversity of habitats at Lake Manyara National Park also makes it a superb birding destination. More than 380 species have been recorded, and the lake is especially known for waterfowl and migrants.

    The best time to visit Lake Manyara National Park is in the early morning, when it is peaceful and still (this is almost certainly the only way to see the park’s shy leopards). The plains near the lakeshore are your best bet for mammal viewing: herds of zebra and wildebeest, warthog, impala, and giraffe. Many animals can be seen grazing the new shoots on the floodplain and wallowing in the shallows of the lake, while further out pods of hippos bob

    Manyara is often visited for an afternoon at the start of a safari and/or a morning at the end, as it lies on route to and from Ngorongoro and the Serengeti. Lake Manyara is a good soft introduction to the safari experience. A lake and the impressive rise of the Great Rift escarpment.

    Lk. Manyara Wildlife

    Elephant, giraffe, buffalo and wildebeest can be found grazing in unexpected clearings or heading towards the water to drink or wash, and the rivers and riverbeds provide scenic vistas for possible animal spotting. Warthog seem to thrive here, growing notably fat and tuckered, and it is a natural playground for baboons and monkeys. The tree-climbing lion of Lake Manyara inspire extensive theorizing as to the wonders of evolution, and are also notoriously rarely seen.

    Lake Manyara: When to go
    Lake Manyara is consistently good as a soft game viewing park at anytime of the year. There is a seasonal migration pattern in the region which means that Manyara is officially at its peak from July to October. However, since it is such a small park, season is not the deciding factor to go here, it is whether you are in the area and have the time.

    Lake Manyara: What activities are on offer
    The main activity for visitors to Lake Manyara is day time game driving. Recently the park has started to offer night safari and the camps deep inside the park are offering short walks. Staying on the Rift Valley, outside the park however does open up a wealth of activities with walking, village trips, hiking, and other activities such as mountain biking available at some lodges.

    Entrances to the National Park

    There are two main entrances to Lake Manyara National Park, a gate in the north and in the south. Almost everybody uses the northern gate, since the majority of accommodation options are situated here and as a result the northern part of the park is by far the busier one. The gate in the far south is not commonly used and also has restricted access. Only few camps and lodges can use this entrance. Please contact us for more information on camps that can enter via this quiet gate.

    Lake Manyara Budget Camping Safari

    Camping Safaris are for those who love the outdoor-world and would like the experience of trekking. Our more popular trekking destinations are: Kilimanjaro, Meru, Arusha National Park, Lake Manyara, Olmoti Crater, Empakaai Crater and Lake Natron… where a variety of flora and fauna and beautiful sceneries as well as different tribes can be visited. These can be incorporated into a regular safari. Giving one a break from the long-hours driving on those ever bumpy roads!! We have no specific programmers for these, we always tailor-make them!!

    What Do You Need For Camping Safari

    Camping gear: Tent, sleeping bag, extra blankets and jackets (in winter), camp-beds (if you find them more easy than sleeping on sand), axe, shovel, cooker, water bottles, pots, non-breakable dishes and cups, torches, matches, tin-opener, knife, batteries, bulbs for torches (a good supply), candles, gas lamp (gives lots of light), folding tables and chairs, a large cold-box, masking tape, cello tape, safety-pins, sewing kit, penknife, first-aid kit, buckets and basins, Thermos flask, mosquito coil and insect repellent, toilet paper and basic tools.

    Birdlife in Lake Manyara

    Lake Manyara is probably best known as a birding destination, especially for water birds. While the flamingoes once made the park famous, the Lake edge has retreated far from the usual driving routes and the flamingoes can often only be seen as a vague pink shimmer in the distance. However, near the wetlands and streams you can still see dozens of different birds – ducks, waders, egrets – and the drier sections of the park are also especially known for hornbills.


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