• Kenya

    Kenya lies on the equator, Kenya is one of countries in East Africa, bordering the Indian Ocean in south east, neighboring countries are Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda.

    Kenya is a country in Africa that has beautiful scenery and vast mountains. It shows a diversity of coastal waters, rivers, lakes, sandbanks, waterfalls and deserts. This land is known to have plants that are too numerous to mention and wild animals such as cheetahs, snakes, lions, hippopotamus, hyenas, rhinoceros and leopards.

    Kenya is over two times the size of Nevada in the United States and occupies 582,650 sq. km. Low plains give way to central highlands that are divided by the Great Rift Valley. In the west lies a fertile plateau. The lowest point of Kenya’s elevation is the Indian Ocean which is at 0; the highest elevation is Mt. Kenya which rises up to 5,199m.

    The national language is Swahili (KiSwahili) although English is spoken throughout. Kenyans involved in the tourist trade speak English. In total there are 42 ethnic languages in Kenya.

    Protestant 45%, Roman Catholic 33%, indigenous beliefs 10%, Muslim 10%, other 2% note: a large majority of Kenyans are Christian, but estimates for the percentage of the population that adheres to Islam or indigenous beliefs vary widely

    People and Culture
    Kenyan people are very warm, hospitable and full of life. Kenya is very rich in culture due to the numerous tribes that have different traditions, cook different food and have some traditional dresses. There are 52 tribes in Kenya, each with their own tribal language though most people in the country speak Kiswahili as well as their own tribal language.

    Kenya is on the equator therefore there are no seasons. The climate is very pleasant and variations in altitude and terrain can create contrasts. Generally in the Highlands the climate is cool, elsewhere the temperatures can reach approximately 35° C during the day. The coast is humid and balmy.
    The main rainy season, referred to as the long rains occur from end of March to May and the short rains are from November to December. Rainfall usually occurs in the form of afternoon thundershowers.